Bringing us into deeper connection with ourselves, one another and the world around us

Authentic Oakland is an authentic relating (AR) group and community that engages in, and shares, AR practices in order to bring members into deeper connection with themselves, one another and the world around us. Authentic relating creates a safe, intentional space—rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries—to create meaningful and enjoyable connections with self and other.

Our Agreements

In the default world, it’s not always safe to be authentic. At Authentic Oakland, we want to co-create a container so that we can explore and play together—safely. These agreements help to set a context that allows us do do that.

Honor Yourself

Know your own boundaries and communicate them to others. Stay present with your own felt physical and emotional experiences. Be in touch with your unfiltered truth and reveal that to others.

Honor Others

Always fully respect stated boundaries. Interact with the intention of understanding and connecting. Notice any assumptions that may come up, and ask questions that arise from a place of genuine curiosity.

Stay Present

Be fully with the person or people you’re with. If your mind wonders, bring it back to the present moment—just like in meditation. Put away your phone, and if attending a Zoom event, close other apps. Remain connected to your body, emotions and needs.

Lean Into Your Edge

Find your discomfort (also known as your personal learning zone) and play in it. What might be uncomfortable but still safe in this space? There should never be any pressure to be more vulnerable than you want to be.

Confidentiality by Request

We want you to share the experience you have at our events with others and blanket confidentiality can restrict that. Also, confidentiality by request allows you practice setting and communicating your boundaries. You can ask for confidentiality at any time.

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