About Us

Put simply, Authentic Relating is a set of communication practices designed to bring us into deeper connection with ourselves, one another and the world around us.

Authentic Relating creates a safe, intentional space—rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries—to create meaningful and enjoyable connections with self and other. By learning Authentic Relating practices, you can drop your conditioned relational habits, and learn to relate with yourself and others from a deeper, more authentic expression of your truth.

This results in more meaningful relationships in all domains of life, from the bedroom to the boardroom, with intimate partners and perfect strangers and everyone in between.

Authentic Oakland is a new community where we learn about Authentic Relating, play authentic relating games and create connection.

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Our Team

Joshua Kaufman
Founder and Lead Facilitator

Joshua is founder and lead facilitator of Authentic Oakland. After spending 20 years in tech as a designer and manager, he discovered Authentic Relating in 2019 and was immediately intrigued by its potential to improve communication and support connection. Since then, he’s taken Authentic Relating International’s Level 1, 2 and 3 courses and is incorporating his learnings into Authentic Oakland events. Currently, he’s an Integral Coach in training at New Ventures West and is dedicated to supporting other’s personal growth and transformation.

Aïcha Doucouré

Aïcha is a facilitator of Authentic Oakland. Originally from France, she has lived in the USA for 18 years. After 20 years in a corporate and tech career, she’s transitioning to support people in their human experience. Aïcha is currently an Integral Coach in training at New Ventures West. Other endeavors include monthly beginner-level improv games and participation in immersive design projects. She’s also co-designing a relational game to be released later in 2021.

Ryan Brown

Ryan is a facilitator of Authentic Oakland. As a lover of vulnerability and human connection, Authentic Relating was a natural match, leading him to co-facilitating as a way of being more involved and learning more. He believes practices like AR that encourage humans to really, truly connect are medicine for the ailing aspects of our culture. Since the first Authentic Oakland meetup he has been totally loving both participating and co-facilitating. He can’t wait to be able to meet in person again.

Phil Epstein

Phil is a facilitator of Authentic Oakland. As a nurse and full-time traveler, Phil is constantly meeting new people in intense situations, where small talk can more easily give way to intimate connection. He finds Authentic Relating a wonderful way of sharing and practicing this art of open, non-judgemental, reflective communication in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment.

Doug Bozick

Doug Bozick is a facilitator of Authentic Oakland. Doug became a facilitator for Authentic Oakland after attending the initial series and falling in love with the concept. After a career in corporate finance left Doug feeling burnt out, he found his current position with Global Citizen Year, a nonprofit with a mission of transforming the pathway from high school to college. He is excited to explore the practice of authentic relating further and spreading the joy to others.

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