Authentic Oakland currently has monthly Authentic Relating Games via Zoom, which are generally limited to 16 – 20 people.

All future events will be listed on Eventbrite, where you can follow Authentic Oakland to be notified about future events.

The best way to know when new events are created is by subscribing to our announcement list (1 – 3 emails/month).

About Our Events

What are Authentic Relating Games? Authentic Relating Games are a place to practice different ways of being human with others. AR Games interrupt our habitual ways of being, and offer opportunities to stretch ourselves emotionally, mentally, and relationally.

What are the games like? Some of them are played one on one, some in small groups, some with the whole group. They can be fun and playful, or serious and edgy.

Curious but not sure if this is for you? We understand. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you might have.

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