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As a Buildxact partner, streamline your builder and trade clients to maximize their profit.


Accounting partners include accounts and bookkeepers who help their clients streamline their business. 

Coaches & consultants

Coaches and consultant partners provide builders with a range of services from business coaching, education and training, to software advice and implementation. 

Industry groups

These include buying and networking groups that provide their members with value-added benefits that help them run an efficient and profitable business.

Industry associations

Buildxact works with industry associations such as Master Builders and HIA to highlight the time-saving and profit-maximizing benefits that construction software can bring to their members business. 

Construction estimators

Using Buildxact, estimators can share estimates and collaborate with their builder clients during the quoting process. 

Educational institutions & training groups

Educational organizations run construction management courses using Buildxact to provide students access to industry-leading construction technology. 

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To become a Buildxact partner simply click below and complete the form. 

You will be assigned a unique Buildxact partner ID. One of our team members will be in touch to discuss next steps.

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We live in a rapidly changing world where technology is advancing at a groundbreaking speed. And with the rise of social media, remote work and online communication tools, everyone is migrating to researching and purchasing online. It is essential that if you own a small construction company or are involved in the construction industry in any way, that you take construction marketing seriously and develop a solid marketing strategy. Developing a solid strategy will guide your marketing efforts to help you stand out in the crowded construction industry.


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