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Better together

Because working together shouldn’t be hard work.

Technology should make life easier. With Buildxact’s easy access and smart integrations, you can work seamlessly with your suppliers, team and customers across the entire platform, whatever you’re doing and whenever you’re doing it.

Partner with your suppliers

With Buildxact’s supplier integration features, provide faster quotes and win more jobs, with seamless collaboration and always-up-to-date pricing at your fingertips.  

  • Complete accurate estimates with real-time prices and item information, directly from your suppliers price lists. Do your estimates at a time that suits you.  
  • Packaged SKUs save time and money by removing last-minute purchases on missed items.  
  • Simplify by ordering more items from your preferred supplier for ease in delivery, management and invoicing.  
  • Send POs directly to your suppliers at any time and because you’ll use product codes from integrated price lists, have the confidence you’ll receive the right items. 

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