Features for custom home builders

Easy-to-use construction takeoff software

No more bulky paper plans and scale rulers – upload digital blueprints and complete an on screen takeoff in minutes

Complete material takeoffs online up to 80% faster

Buildxact takeoff software offers a centralized hub to store project documents and construction plans online. Quickly get started with included training and support.

Use fast and simple takeoff software to create detailed construction project estimates

  • Get more with an all-in-one solution that includes takeoffs and estimates.
  • As you build out your project estimate, you create a list of customized categories, line items and associated materials. With Buildxact, you can connect directly to the on screen takeoff tool to determine material quantities for all your tasks.
  • Digital measurements save time because you make multiple measurements across different pages of your plans using tools controlled with simple mouse clicks.
  • Be confident you have accurate estimates as correct quantity takeoff measurements are fed direclty into your estimate.

Do the takeoff once, and reuse the measurement to estimate any other items

  • Because Buildxact is advanced takeoff software, the more you use Buildxact takeoff and estimating software tools, the more time you save. You can use the same measurement for different material categories.
  • Also, you can create category templates for your most frequently used tasks.
  • You can quickly calculate detailed material line items for plates, nails and screws and be confident you haven’t overlooked a thing. 
  • Complete estimates keep your entire team aligned on job and material delivery schedules

Measure takeoffs in square, lineal, cubic or pitched

  • Buildxact is simple and straightforward. No matter if you need a basic square takeoff or something more complex, Buildxact construction takeoff software tools and skills work similarly.
  • Quickly generate takeoff data in cubic, lineal, square and pitched measurements.
  • Buildxact graphical tools use your plans for accurate takeoffs across multiple rooms to quickly generate surface area requirements for paint, wallboard, brick and more. 
  • Because Buildxact is perfect for the custom home construction pro, Buildxact offers pitched foot calculation for measuring square footage.

Stay accurate and on top of your numbers

  • Pricing can be defined in multiple ways to suit your estimates, such as unit cost or quantity.
  • Integrate with your suppliers for live and accurate pricing that feeds directly into the Buildxact construction software.
  • The detailed estimates you produce using Buildxact also allow you to calculate labor costs and markup to ensure your projects generate profit and consistently power the growth of your business.
  • After completing a calculation, return to your estimate to perform simple calculations to customize your takeoff items. For example, increase your material order by a specific percentage to account for wastage or rounding. 

Buildxact is the all-in-one tool for construction professionals

Construction professionals know ordering materials and scheduling contractors is only half the job. As work progresses, Buildxact offers visual tools to track progress against both your schedule and your budget.

Strengthen your job management as you generate live updates to make sure work is completed on time and on budget. Use Buildxact to post projects online so that customers can access an easy-to-use customer portal to see how work progresses.

Finally, use budget analysis to compare your estimate to actual costs. Use this comparison to inform future projects, and use Buildxact to connect to Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks for seamless financial reporting on your business.

A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

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