Features for Builders & Renovators

Manage jobs like a pro

Live up to your reputation, with jobs that run like clockwork

Keep clients happy with jobs that run on time and within budget. Keep your contractors on track for greater success.

Regain control over your job schedules

Simplify your business with one easy-to-use system for estimating, scheduling and job management.  

  • Create schedules directly from your estimates, removing double handling. 
  • Build reusable templates based on typical schedules to save time on admin. 
  • Create and assign tasks to your team, contractors and suppliers with automatic reminders and attached documents. 
  • Simplify with powerful online tools, featuring drag-and-drop dependencies, critical path and color-coded statuses. 
  • Generate customer updates quickly to cut down on phone calls and emails. 

Always know what's next

With Buildxact’s fast and simple reminders and notifications, you will never miss a thing. 

  • View key information at a glance, with day/week/month dashboards and the ability to add reminders on the fly. 
  • Never miss a beat, with set-and-forget email and SMS reminders to keep contractors, suppliers and your team on track. 

All documents, one location

Staying organized has never been easier, with Buildxact’s easy job storage that keeps all information in one place. 

  • Store job notes, documents, photos and plans for easy access. 
  • Track and document progress with photos at each stage of the job. 
  • Organize jobs your way, with the ability to tailor folder structure and layout for each job.

A better way to create purchase orders

Buildxact’s intuitive, integrated purchase order tool makes instant, accurate purchase and work orders a reality. 

  • Easily create accurate supplier purchase orders – directly from the estimate. 
  • Submit purchase orders to suppliers and contractors online 24/7 – at a time that suits you. 
  • Get the correct items delivered with integrated suppliers price lists, including product codes. 
  • Track and manage internal costs with work orders. 

Sharpen your skills

Stay ahead of the game

It’s easy to imagine the effect construction management software will have on you and your construction firm. Imagine having more time, wasting less money, and having happier customers, all while growing your construction industry business. You don’t have to just imagine it though. Let’s have a look at how construction software benefits construction businesses of all sizes.
Construction managers are responsible for the everyday running of a construction project. They ensure that scheduled tasks are completed, and that the contractor has all the information they need to perform the work. They use technology, like construction management software, to successfully implement the work called for on the project documents. A good and productive construction manager has some key qualities. 

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