Energize your account team – create time for stronger relationships and help your customers run a more efficient business. Level up with Buildxact.

Transform your supplier/builder relationship

Want stronger, more consistent relationships with your builders? Integrate your up-to-date prices and item recipes into builder workflows. Eliminate inconsistencies and create new efficiencies.

Increase sales | Lower costs | Boost transparency | Build loyalty 

How It Works

How it works

When combining builder estimates, quotes, and job management in one place, you free your sales team from repetitive admin tasks so they can focus on what they do best: building solid relationships and winning more customers.

John Peros

“Due to the link with Buildxact, we don’t use any other supplier… it’s just really easy to use. The benefits of the supplier price list being provided to us through Buildxact, is that it stops all those phone calls in between, waiting for pricing and quotes."

Improve your bottom line

Complete takeoffs up to 80% quicker and respond to RFQs 5x faster. Be more responsive to your builders and boost profitability.

“Before using Buildxact, it could take anywhere between half a day to three days to do a takeoff. Using Buildxact, a basic takeoff could take half an hour. It’s reducing my time by at least a third.”

– Damien Hamilton, Trade Account Manager

Stay a step ahead

Improve job management with built-in delivery prompts, order updates and follow-up notifications. Collate data to build customer insights. Use current projects to anticipate future material needs.

“Buildxact allows me to manage more accounts and increase share per builder. I can quote more, increase sales, and grow more share of wallet.”

– Colin Rice, Group Trade Sales

Feel confident and supported

We’re with you all the way. Our support teams help you take advantage of all the Buildxact benefits. Watch our online video tutorials, check out the comprehensive FAQs, webinars, and book one-to-one training.

Stay ahead of the game

Custom home builders and suppliers need to have a synergistic relationship to be successful in the construction industry. Suppliers want to offer custom home builders the materials they need to complete high-quality projects quickly and efficiently. Builders rely on suppliers to provide those materials at prices that allow them to make a profit. Price volatility in the construction industry can be a pain point across the board. Still, technology can help keep all parties informed to avoid unwanted surprises and enough time to plan and make necessary adjustments. 

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