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The building quote template offers builders a better way to serve homeowners

The importance of a building quote

The foundation of a successful home construction project lies with a detailed construction quote and resulting contract. Clarifying, via a quote to the homeowner, the project scope, specifications, costs and timeline reduces payment delays and unfortunate disagreements. The use of a building quote template leads to a higher level of customer se

Builder working with Buildxact on his laptop.

Procurement in construction: proper planning improves your business

For the best customer experience, custom home builders know that good planning, coupled with proper management of homeowner expectations, is critical–especially in a tough construction industry experiencing potential cost fluctuations that make every dollar count.

By the time a home construction project is ready to break ground, months and tens of thousands of dollars have bee

How to estimate construction materials

To make cash in the construction industry you must ensure that your outlay is covered and profit margins maintained. The trick is knowing how to set the project price. To set a price you need to know what the entire project costs are, including the material cost, direct labor pricing, equipment and the indirect cost of the complete job. Big construction companies often have expert c

Builder working with Buildxact on his laptop.

The key benefits of construction management software

It’s easy to imagine the effect construction management software will have on you and your construction firm. Imagine having more time, wasting less money, and having happier customers, all while growing your construction industry business. You don’t have to just imagine it though. Let’s have a look at how construction software benefits construction businesses of all sizes.

What is estimating in civil engineering?

Estimating is an important factor in many industries. The local grocer wants to order enough stock to satisfy their customers yet have the goods on the shelf for as little time as possible. For the construction industry, it is no different. Without a detailed estimate, profit margins can suffer. However, estimation is not a process of guesses. An estimate is calculated through knowl

What does a construction estimator do?

Possibly the most crucial part to a construction project is construction estimating. It is the process of calculating the material, labor, equipment and overhead costs associated with a building project and then creating a quote, bid or project budget with the information.

How to estimate construction costs – The complete guide

The most important part of profitable construction projects is getting the costs right. If you undervalue the price, then you are going to lose money. If you are overvaluing your estimates, then you will most likely lose bids. Either way, incorrect cost estimates can destroy a builder or construction company. It can eat away at your profit margin or damage your reputation.

How suppliers can embrace technology to connect with builders

Custom home builders and suppliers need to have a synergistic relationship to be successful in the construction industry. Suppliers want to offer custom home builders the materials they need to complete high-quality projects quickly and efficiently. Builders rely on suppliers to provide those materials at prices that allow them to make a profit. Price volatility in the construction

What is a quantity takeoff and how are they done?

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to call it material takeoff, construction takeoff or estimation takeoff, a quantity takeoff is an essential part of any building project. Whether it is a large or a small job, accurate quantity takeoffs can mean the difference between a financial disaster and a completed project that keeps everyone happy.

The importance of construction cost estimation

Estimating construction costs accurately relies on many elements. It’s a necessary process and is what underscores the pricing of construction projects. The accuracy or inaccuracy of an estimate can make or break a business’ profitability. However, the elements involved can complicate the process and result in a lot of risk, whether from material price fluctuations to uncertai

Construction takeoff software generates accurate estimates faster

The construction takeoff process when done manually with paper plans and a scale ruler is time-consuming and frustrating. It’s a process that often requires repetitive work while still resulting in inaccuracies. Because construction takeoffs are a necessary part of the construction industry, having a takeoff process that is efficient and accurate, is essential.

Construction Marketing: 10 strategies you should be using

We live in a rapidly changing world where technology is advancing at a groundbreaking speed. And with the rise of social media, remote work and online communication tools, everyone is migrating to researching and purchasing online. It is essential that if you own a small construction company or are involved in the construction industry in any way, that you take construction marketin

Takeoff software: our guide to construction takeoffs

Construction takeoffs sometimes referred to as material takeoffs, are an essential piece for almost any construction project. No matter the size of the job, takeoffs play a critically vital role in providing an accurate estimate for the builder or trader and their customer. It is even helpful for those in the electrical field since it will help them determine the quantities requ

6 Top tips to help you start growing your business now!

If you are looking to grow your construction business, the best time to start is right now. It can feel like a daunting task and you may not know where or how to begin, so we thought we would give you hand, and list some basic strategies that you can start putting in place. These are some take-outs from our webinar ‘The Biggest Future Growth Opportunity in the B

How to manage the cash flow of your construction business

Construction cash flow is something that’s on everyone’s mind at the best of times. Non-payment is maybe the worst case, but it’s not just that, what about late payment? Non-payment and cash payment have the biggest impacts when it comes to causing construction cash flow headaches for a large construction company or a custom home builder. Learning how to manage cash flow will

Builder working with Buildxact on his laptop.

3 simple tips to make your construction or trade business admin easier in 2019

If you are a builder in the construction industry we have your back – take a fresh approach to your job in 2019 with our three easy tips to make your construction admin simpler and improve construction efficiency. The right software solution can be a great tool to fill in the gap if you do not have access to a project manager, or would even enhance the abilities of an actual proje

Meet Buildxact at Sydney Build 2017!

We’re proud to announce Buildxact will be an exhibitor at Sydney Build this year! Sydney Build is the Leading Construction Show for Sydney and New South Wales. It’s a completely Free Expo and Conference with a huge range of daily workshops. So why not meet us there?

a builder uses material price management software on a laptop.

The sales funnel every builder needs to follow

The most common problem every builder faces is how to attract customers and effectively win their business. You might have your estimating software like Buildxact all sorted and your accounting is syncing seamlessly but there’s not enough business or quotes been creating. Here’s a proven system to create your sales funnel that any builder can follow

Construction onboarding best practices guide

The onboarding process of new employees in the construction industry can be a little different from how other industries do it. In some cases, construction companies often ignore or overlook new employees after they are hired. It is not intentional, by any means, it is mostly due to how busy construction workers are that there is not a formal onboarding process in place.

4 benefits of becoming a Buildxact Partner

Becoming a Buildxact Partner could be the perfect side business for you if you are a builder, tradie, accountant or financial adviser.  Buildxact is the complete software solution for Builders and Tradies that’s being rapidly adopted in Australia which is why we need people like yourself to help us spread the word. Whether you’re an existing customer, builder or accountant we wou

Roofing estimating software – so simple even your kids can do it!

Roofing estimating software makes estimating the roof of a residential or commercial a much simpler task for builders and tradies. There is the pitch, materials, multiple measurements and not to mention the weather, to take into consideration. The number one tool any builder or tradie will need is a simple and easy-to-use estimating software like Buildxact and it is so simple to u

Estimating for builders

Estimating for a builder is now a dream and so simple every builder is getting estimating software. It’s not hard to see why, when estimating a job is faster, cheaper and easier than ever before. If you’ve ever been caught out with inaccurate estimates, budgets that blow out and unhappy customers then an estimating software is for you.  So here are the benefits of using an esti

4 myths about estimating software

The most common myth about estimating software is that it’s too complicated and hard to learn. That used to be true before well designed cloud software became available in the last few years.

Why every builder needs estimating software

Quoting by builders and tradies takes a lot of time. It’s the main reason tradies complain about working every night and not having enough time to run their business or get time to finish jobs on schedule. Families miss out. Quality checking of work suffers, so rework is a risk. Errors in estimating can eliminate job profit in a flash. No wonder that software for estimating that c

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How to estimate construction project costs eBook

When estimating the costs of a construction project, it’s important to include all of the costs in order to stay profitable. These are typically split into hard and softs costs. Check out our guide where we explore the difference between these two types of costs, give some examples of soft costs, and explain why soft costs need to be included in project budgets.

What are soft costs in construction? eBook

When estimating the costs of a construction project, it’s important to include all of the costs in order to stay profitable. These are typically split into hard and softs costs. Check out our guide where we explore the difference between these two types of costs, give some examples of soft costs, and explain why soft costs need to be included in project budgets.

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