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Deliver your training program using Buildxact’s cloud-based estimating and job management software.

Your students will learn to use the most up-to-date construction software tools, guaranteeing they will have the knowledge to be successful in the construction industry.

Help your students prepare for running their own residential construction business by using Buildxact to teach them estimating, quoting and job management skills

Using Buildxact, your students will learn to:

Students will find Buildxact easy to get started with and easy to use. Buildxact also provides your teachers with comprehensive training and ongoing support so that your students learn from the best. 

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Digital content delivery

Deliver more of your content online on a modern SaaS platform/Cloud platform. Enhance the student experience and differentiate your courses.

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Access student licenses at a discount for the duration of the course.

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We’re always there to support your clients so that they get the most out of the software.

Free training

From daily webinars to self-paced learning with tutorial videos, we’ll get your clients going in no time.

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Be found by our customers looking for business services and support with a listing on the Buildxact partner website.


Collaborate with the Buildxact partner marketing team to increase brand exposure and product solutions.

Referral bonus

Earn referral bonuses for students that start their own subscription after completing coursework.

Discount for your students

When your students subscribe, they receive an ongoing subscription discount.

Discount for your students

When your students subscribe, they receive an ongoing subscription discount.

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The construction industry is one of the top start-up business sectors, but it is an industry where well over half of new businesses don’t make it through the first five years. However, if you can successfully manage your construction company, you can avoid this pitfall and be set up for long-term success.  Keep in mind that despite cyclical industry downturns, often sparked by external events such as weather changes, there will always be buildings to construct, bridges to erect, or factories to build.
It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to call it material takeoff, construction takeoff or estimation takeoff, a quantity takeoff is an essential part of any building project. Whether it is a large or a small job, accurate quantity takeoffs can mean the difference between a financial disaster and a completed project that keeps everyone happy.

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