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Using Buildxact you can expand your offering to your members, allowing them to achieve better margins, cashflow control, maximum profit, and precious time savings.

Using Buildxact, you can help your members accelerate their growth and streamline their business.

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Your members will find Buildxact easy to use, with access to comprehensive training and support, ensuring they’re up and running in no time.

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Construction managers are responsible for the everyday running of a construction project. They ensure that scheduled tasks are completed, and that the contractor has all the information they need to perform the work. They use technology, like construction management software, to successfully implement the work called for on the project documents. A good and productive construction manager has some key qualities. 
We live in a rapidly changing world where technology is advancing at a groundbreaking speed. And with the rise of social media, remote work and online communication tools, everyone is migrating to researching and purchasing online. It is essential that if you own a small construction company or are involved in the construction industry in any way, that you take construction marketing seriously and develop a solid marketing strategy. Developing a solid strategy will guide your marketing efforts to help you stand out in the crowded construction industry.

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