Features for Suppliers

Connect with your customers

Think like a team, work like a team, integrate like a team

Any project is a team effort – suppliers, builders, clients, subcontractors and manufacturers working together. Buildxact’s smart integrations remove administrative barriers, enabling you to share and access all the information you need to get the job done quickly.

Win together

When your builders win more work, you win more sales. Buildxact’s supplier integration enables you to seamlessly share product information directly into your builders’ workflow, meaning faster bids, more jobs and greater sales. 

  • Publish price lists with real-time prices and item information so your builders can complete estimates at a time that suits them. 
  • Share item recipes, saving your builders time and money by removing the need for last-minute purchases on unquoted items. 
  • Simplify the ordering process by enabling builders to add your product information and pricing to purchase orders. 

Digitize the supply chain

No more switching between solutions. Connect with market leading ERP and POS systems to automate the process from manufacturer to supplier to builder for greater transparency and efficiency. 

  • Get started with Epicor BisTrack: load, manage and update price plans and item assemblies in your ERP and sync directly into Buildxact to save time on processing.
  • Email: Connect your email to centralize communications within Buildxact.

Take advantage of multi-user access

When staff need access, they need it now. With Buildxact’s easy access, ‘logging in’ has never been easier.

  • Multi-user access for your whole team is possible with Buildxact. Whether the sales desk needs builder pricing, your account director needs to whip up a quote, or your estimators are busy with takeoffs for your biggest customer, Buildxact can support all your needs.  
  • Real-time collaboration improves your efficiency because everyone can work in Buildxact at the same time, even on the same customer or job file.

How you benefit

Stay ahead of the game

Custom home builders and suppliers need to have a synergistic relationship to be successful in the construction industry. Suppliers want to offer custom home builders the materials they need to complete high-quality projects quickly and efficiently. Builders rely on suppliers to provide those materials at prices that allow them to make a profit. Price volatility in the construction industry can be a pain point across the board. Still, technology can help keep all parties informed to avoid unwanted surprises and enough time to plan and make necessary adjustments. 

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