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Don't just supply projects, help manage them

Because well-run jobs lead to repeat sales

Smart suppliers don’t just supply what builders need, they plan ahead, anticipate needs, and work alongside their builders to ensure that every stage of the build stays on track. As their success increases, so does their confidence in you for continued support.  

Staying on track is simple with Buildxact’s sales and client reminders, schedules for deliveries, streamlined orders and invoices. Working with builders each step of the way, you transform your client base into a set of consistent, predictable customers who over time consolidate material purchases with you.

Detailed schedules made easy

With Buildxact’s easy scheduling tools, sales teams manage customer schedules with minimal effort. 

  • Create schedules with easy templates or convert directly from estimates. 
  • Stay organised and one step ahead, enabling teams to proactively assist customers.  

Make sure no one misses a thing

If your customer drops the ball, be there to catch it with Buildxact reminders and notifications that ensure no one misses a thing. 

  • Pre-set reminders and customer notifications allow your sales team to proactively manage jobs with delivery prompts, order updates and follow-up.  
  • Stay organised on the fly, with notifications and attachments sent via email or SMS and a dashboard to view key information at a glance. 

Store job information

Multiple customers and multiple jobs can quickly become an information minefield. Keep things simple by keeping all job information in one place. 

  • Store job notes, documents, photos and plans for easy access. 
  • Track and document job progress to pre-empt your builders’ needs. 
  • Organise jobs your way, tailor folder structure and layouts. 

Accurate ordering, on-time delivery

Start the job as planned, with orders that are always accurate and always timely to fulfill delivery every time. 

  • Enable builders to always create accurate orders with integrated supplier product codes.  
  • Prioritise your inventory as you encourage builders to order early enabling you to better manage supply so that you always meet customer needs. 

Stay ahead of the game

Custom home builders and suppliers need to have a synergistic relationship to be successful in the construction industry. Suppliers want to offer custom home builders the materials they need to complete high-quality projects quickly and efficiently. Builders rely on suppliers to provide those materials at prices that allow them to make a profit. Price volatility in the construction industry can be a pain point across the board. Still, technology can help keep all parties informed to avoid unwanted surprises and enough time to plan and make necessary adjustments. 

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